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After School Program (ASSETs)
After School Safety and Education for Teens


Here at Health Professions, we encourage students to try and explore new things everyday. With the expanded learning program, ASSETs (After School Safety and Education for Teens), we create a safe space for students to participate in various activities before and after school. Before school, we work closely with teachers and staff to create classes relevant to student needs. This can range from Credit Recovery, SAT Prep, or even Drama! After-school, we provide academic support in the form of study hall where we’ll have mentors that can assist each student with their work for the day.

How to Get a Work Permit


HPHS students:

A Work Permit Request Form can be downloaded here. See “Related Links” for more information about child labor laws.  The first step is fill out a Work Permit Request AFTER you have been hired by your employer.  After Ms. Marsh receives the Work Permit Request Form from you, she will then email you the Work Permit you will give your employer.  Please follow the steps below: