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Attendance Fair 2023

Punctuality Development 

Beginning September 11th, Punctuality Development (or as we call it “PD”) will go back into effect. This is the tardy policy that is outlined in the Student Handbook.

Remember: School begins 8:50am each day. Students are expected to be in their classroom, ready for the period to begin, before the bell rings.

Students who are tardy will have to participate in the lunch time class for Punctuality Development which means that their lunch will be brought to them in the class that PD is held in.

How to Get a Work Permit


HPHS students:

A Work Permit Request Form can be downloaded here. See “Related Links” for more information about child labor laws.  The first step is fill out a Work Permit Request AFTER you have been hired by your employer.  After Ms. Marsh receives the Work Permit Request Form from you, she will then email you the Work Permit you will give your employer.  Please follow the steps below: