Enrollment at HPHS


Who can enroll?

All students in the SCUSD district and surrounding Sacramento region!  We are currently accepting enrollment for all 9-12 grade students.  Please contact the Registrar, Natasha Riggins, for more information on the application and enrollment process.  

Natasha Riggins (Registrar):  Phone:  (916) 395-5010 ext. 501001 Email: Natasha-Riggins@scusd.edu

Apply In Person

You may also apply in person at Health Professions High School during office hours: 8:00am-4:00pm. We are located at 451 McClatchy Way, Sacramento CA 95818.

Schedule a meeting at HPHS. Bring a current transcript, attendance and discipline files. Students will be accepted based on availability in the grade level they wish to enter and after a transcript review.

If you are coming from out of the district you must complete the inter-district transfer paperwork. Students on behavior contracts/ discipline referrals must go through the Student Hearing and Placement Office.