Enrollment at HPHS


Who can enroll?

All students in the SCUSD district and surrounding Sacramento region!  We are currently accepting enrollment for all 9-12 grade students.  Please contact the Registrar, Natasha Riggins, for more information on the application and enrollment process.  

Apply Online

We are now accepting applications online! Click the link HERE to be redirected to the application or head over to the Application tab on the sidebar. You can also forward any inquiries about enrollment to HPHSEnrollment@scusd.edu!

Apply In Person

You may also apply in person at Health Professions High School during office hours: 8:00am-4:00pm. We are located at 451 McClatchy Way, Sacramento CA 95818.

Schedule a meeting at HPHS. Bring a current transcript, attendance and discipline files. Students will be accepted based on availability in the grade level they wish to enter and after a transcript review.

If you are coming from out of the district you must complete the inter-district transfer paperwork. Students on behavior contracts/ discipline referrals must go through the Student Hearing and Placement Office.