Frequently Asked Questions about HPHS


What college prep courses will my student take?

Course Sequence

What electives are available for my student to take?

The electives offered are heavily science-based because of the specialized focus on healthcare and healthcare careers. Other elective courses include higher level math and world language classes.

Will there be AP courses offered? What is the Dual Enrollment Program?

Instead of AP courses, we offer a Dual Enrollment program which holds the same weight as AP courses in terms of the UC a-g requirements. Students in the Dual Enrollment program complete college classes and earn college credit while still in high school. The required courses at Arthur A. Benjamin HPHS meet and exceed the college entrance requirements for both the University of California and the California State University systems.

What is the Arthur A. Benjamin Diploma of Excellence?

All students completing the rigorous college prep course sequence requiring 250 units, 100 community service hours, job shadowing, and industry internship are eligible to receive the HPHS Diploma of Excellence.

What extracurricular activities are available to my student?

Your student can participate in Clubs offered on campus such as Drama, Yearbook, Student Government, Men’s and Women’s Leadership, Latino etc. There are also in our Competition Clubs like MESA, HOSA, Cheerleading, Dance and Indoor Soccer.

Is my student able to play sports?

Yes! HPHS is a part of the Small School’s Sports League where we compete Co-Ed against other small high schools in the area in Soccer, Flag Football and Basketball. Your student is also eligible to play sports at West Campus High School for CIF.

What tutoring services are available for my student? We have Academic

Hour twice a day (morning and afternoon) and lunch time tutoring with teachers.

How can parents get involved with the school?

We encourage parents to come to Site Council meetings, special parent events, join in classes and student activities and help with fund raising activities.

Will my student need to wear a uniform to school?

Yes! Students are required to wear scrubs (no red or navy/royal blue scrubs) Monday through Thursday.

What Work-Advantage Certificate Programs does HPHS offer for my student?

HPHS offers CPR/First Aid, First Responder, Sports Medicine Assistant and Electronic Healthcare Records Specialist Work Advantage Certificate Programs! When students turn 18 years old and/or graduate from HPHS they become eligible to take the National Certification Exam for employment.