Diploma of Excellence Requirements


English-40 credits

  • Medical English 9-12 including ERWC English 12

Math-40 credits

  • Integrated Math I-3 and Senior Math/AP Stats

Science-70 credits

  • 40 credits of Medical Science 9-12, 30 credits of Biology, Chemistry, Physics or other approved Science (ex: Med Sci 9)

College Courses-10 credits

  • BIO 100 (Anatomy/Physiology), AH 110 (Medical Terminology), Other approved college level classes, courses approved with a student’s IEP

Social Science-40 credit

  • 5 credit of both Ethnic Studies and Geography, 10 credit of World History, 10 credits of US History, 5 credits of Government and 5 credits of Economics

Physical Education-20 credits

World Language-20 credits

Electives-Satisfied by Medical Science and upper level math and world language courses

Work Based Learning/Career Prep

  • Complete and professionally document one from each category:
  1. Medical Field Trip
  2. Career Day
  3. College Field Trip
  4. Resume

Senior Project – Complete and pass the AABHPHS Senior Project

Community Service – 100 hours

  • 50 of those 100 hours must be in the healthcare field
  • Hours should be documents and turned into the Counselor.

 Academic Performance 

  • During Junior and Senior year students must have a 2.7 GPS with no “F’s”.


  • During Junior and Senior year:
    • No suspensions (Appeal process only for extreme circumstances to be considered by the DOE committee)
    • Continue to exhibit expected professional behavior

Total Credits – 250 credits

NOTE: Student are responsible for keeping track of their evidence of completion.