Interested in Playing Sports at HPHS?

You can play in the HPHS Small School Sports League OR you also have the ability to attend HPHS and play for your neighborhood high school in SCUSD.  For example – if you attend HPHS and live in the McClatchy attendance area…you can play CIF competition sports at McClatchy!  See your Counselor or Principal if you have questions!

Download and complete the Sports Eligibility Packet

Small School Sports League

Co-Ed Outdoor Soccer, Volleyball and Basketball

We have created a Small Schools Sports League where co-ed teams will compete against SES, American Legion, Kit Carson HS, New Tech, Carver and The MET in soccer, volleyball and basketball!  You must remain eligible to compete with a 2.0 GPA and passing all of your classes.

For more information, please contact Principal Leticia Bucio.

Phone: 916-395-5010