Virtual Back to School Night
Sept 24, 2020 at 6pm




Step 1

Watch BTSN Message from Dr. Pease (linked below)

Message from Dr. Pease

Step 2

Vote for School Site Council

ONLY Guardian vote for Guardians here

ONLY students vote for students here

Step 3

Watch teacher BTSN videos according to your child’s class schedule by clicking the link below

BTSN Teacher Schedule

Step 4

If you have questions about your student’s course, join the Teacher’s zoom 

BTSN Teacher Zoom Info

Step 5

Watch message from your student’s Counselor and the School Social Worker.  If you have question for the Counselors or Social Worker, please email them directly.

Mr. Moua Counselor Message (9th/10th grade)

Ms. Kadrie Counselor Message (11th/12th grade)

Mrs. Love, Social Worker

** Videos will remain accessible in the staff directory