Teacher Profile

Deborah Meltvedt
Foundations for Success and Medical Science 10 and 12 and HOSA/Creative Writing Club Advisor

My name is Deborah Meltvedt and I teach Foundations for Success, Medical Science 10 and Medical Science 12.  I have been a teacher at HPHS since it opened in 2005. In past years, I have been the Work Based Learning Coordinator in which I helped students connect with experiences in health care in the “real world.”   I love teaching about all facets of health and medicine, especially behavioral and mental health.  I also am advisor to the Creative Writing Club, HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America), and the women’s running club. 

I have a BS degree from California State University, Fresno in Health Science and have worked in the industry as a Clinic Manager, lab assistant, health educator, and HIV counselor.  Besides teaching, I love writing non-fiction, poetry and short stories.  I hope this year to involve my students in social justice issues, creative arts, and in learning how to advocate for themselves in college and career choices.  I am married to Rick and we have one crazy cat named Anchovy Jack.

(916) 395-5010 ext 501301