Dana Dusbiber
Medical English 9 and Medical English 10


I’ve been a literacy teacher here in Sacramento for 31 years.  I’ve taught middle, high and adult language arts and enjoy the relationships built with students at each of those levels.  I love helping teenagers find their own way with language through contemporary and challenging reading and writing activities.  I especially love watching students get turned on to books when they find just the right story to enjoy.  I have always surrounded myself with other educators who care about social justice and anti-racist teaching.  We work to help each other to grow and remain engaged with meaningful ideas about our world.  We want our relationships with young people to reflect our beliefs about what all individuals deserve to achieve in this lifetime.


I’m grateful to work within the learning environment and community here at Health Professions High School!  I especially enjoy the blending of literacy and science/health science so that is why this school is such a good match for me.  I really enjoy writing units and lessons that challenge students and myself to grow through new learning about our communities.  I consider myself to be a co-learner in the classroom with students.  


When I am not teaching in the classroom I enjoy reading, writing poetry, learning new skills, coffee dates with friends, running/walking and yoga, and a good, long weekend bike ride.  I have two young-adult children who live in the Bay Area and a few other young-adult children who are very special to me and call me mom.  My mother lives in a studio behind my house and I have a long-time partner who lives two miles away.  I just got an anxious rescue dog, so now I am learning how to be a dog trainer!  Like I said, I love learning new skills!

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