Work Based Learning at HPHS

Work Based Learning (WBL) is a very important part of Health Professions High School. Our WBL experiences are what help our students to experience the “real world” before graduating high school. Students interact with professionals from a variety of fields. With this interaction students learn what is expected in the professional world.

Our program has job shadows and internships but goes beyond these programs. We bring professionals into the classroom and on the school campus to integrate the work world seamlessly into our academic program and illustrate how the education at HPHS prepares students for college and career.

Some highlights include:

Guest speaker series at lunch and in classes

Labs led by UC Davis medical students

Saturday Academy and Summer Scrubs at UC Davis Medical School

These programs are practical, hands on experiences where students go on rounds, do a research project and learn from renowned doctors and graduate students. Students tour facilities like Sutter, Shriners, the Engineering Plant at UC Davis, etc. They have Industry Mentors for class projects. Past mentors have included health care professionals, Senators and their staffers, etc. Students also host blood drives and vaccine clinics.